Thy Thy Vo

Thy Thy is the head of Headwave's software development teams in the Houston, Oslo and Vietnam. A computer scientist by background, Thy Thy has extensive experience in design, development, and support of G&G workflows and applications.

Thy Thy was previously in different positions at ExxonMobil Upstream IT and ExxonMobil Upstream Research Corporation.

Outside of work, Thy Thy loves to travel and go hiking with her hubby. Every other season she has a tendency to renew her means of transportation and get a new car (preferably in a new blue color – and with slightly more horsepower than the last car). In 2013, Thy Thy won the company’s potluck competition with her Elephant Trunk Soup.

Thy Thy holds a BS degree in computer and systems engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a MBA from University of Houston.