New Headwave Release Available

New Headwave Release Available


Good news! Visualization, QC, pre-/poststack conditioning and AVO anomaly reconnaissance just became easier, faster and incredibly powerful.

Headwave's software allows non-specialist users on standard workstations to load thousands of square kilometers of seismic data for visualization, and perform on-the-fly pre-/poststack conditioning. With Headwave's most recent release, you can rely on a truly innovative tool to identify AVO anomalies that both conform to structure and distinguish between lithology and fluids. Headwave's software is not limited by survey sizes, and handles multiple surveys with varying geometry with ease. Our software is fully end-to-end GPU accelerated resulting in significant boosts in performance and productivity.


- Real-time, renowned and powerful visualization capabilities for both prestack and poststack data.
- Entirely new AVO crossplot that uses color blending instead of drawing polygons to label anomalies or AVO classes. This is truly a crossplot that has changed AVO anomaly detection.
- Access data quality and judge whether it supports AVO analysis, directly on a regular workstation.
- Condition your data interactively, concentrating on geophysics rather than storage or file management.
- Headwave is easy to use in conjunction with Schlumberger's Petrel™. Work directly with Petrel's data format, or use Headwave's data conditioning capabilities to optimize your data in real time, and immediately interpret them in Petrel™.

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