In Lieu of Vienna

In Lieu of Vienna


Like many other vendors, we couldn't justify the cost of EAGE this year. We hope everyone who attends EAGE will have a great time and benefits from the event.

Meanwhile, for those of us not in Vienna...

Collaboration between Spectrum Geophysical & Headwave: Computer Science Innovation Enables Unlimited Data Handling & Visualization

Spectrum Geophysical’s recent merge encompasses all publicly available data on the Norwegian shelf. For those of you counting, that’s about 2000GB of post stack - all of which runs in Headwave3 on a single workstation. Spectral decomposition & horizon tracking on 146.000sqkm ? Absolutely. In addition, if you only want to quickly go through the data, Headwave & Spectrum Geo has collaborated on a solution for viewing and interpreting these data - no installation required, all you need is a web browser.

Get in touch with us if you want to learn more about how this works.

Headwave3 Use Case

To satisfy the need to rapidly load very large prestack datasets straight out of processing/imaging, the oil company deployed the new HPC support for data loading in parallel (from SeisSpace / JavaSeis).

The oil company loaded a single survey consisting of 22TB of prestack for further prospecting work.

Headwave3 in Action - Software Videos

Take a look at our collection of software videos and discover an interactivity and performance unmatched in the industry today - ranging from interactive velocity analysis (highlighting the powerful capability of customizable workflows) to live T2D models, stratigraphic visualization and more.