Foolproof AvO - Paper by Dr. Ron Masters, Headwave Inc

Foolproof AvO - Paper by Dr. Ron Masters, Headwave Inc


Dr. Ron Masters, Geoscience Advisor for Headwave, prepared the paper "Foolproof AvO" for presentation during the 75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC held in London, UK, June 10 – 13, 2013. 


Interpreters can sometimes directly identify reservoirs and hydrocarbons by observing Amplitude v. Offset anomalies in seismic data. The underlying science is mature [Castagna & Backus 1993]. Many forms of attribute analysis have been used routinely for a long time, including AvO cross plotting [Masters, 1989]. Typically AvO analysis has been applied by multi-disciplinary experts to confirm prospects already identified by conventional interpretation. Their work always depended on prior knowledge of which prospective horizon to investigate, and what combination of AvO attributes would provide the appropriate recognition criteria in each case, until now. 

In this paper, we present a method that can unequivocally identify AvO anomalies, even if they have not previously been recognized as prospects, even if they have not been mapped. It does not require any prior knowledge about local conditions in the subsurface, or about which AvO class is locally likely to indicate reservoirs and hydrocarbons. Of course, quantitative interpretation of vital reservoir characteristics like porosity and saturation remains essential and still requires deep expertise. 


Download the full paper here.

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